GRT Information Management Services

GRT helps leading companies solve information management challenges. Leveraging proven consulting expertise and industry-leading integrated technologies, our services address specific pain points, while working together to provide organizations with the tools to enable operational integrity and improved business performance.
We partner closely with our clients on both long-term, strategic projects and short, focused projects, working to transfer knowledge and understanding throughout the engagement. Our offerings and recommendations provide strong business value in terms of cost savings, improved performance, risk reduction, and comprehensive compliance.
GRT's standard and customizable services provide a wide range of options in the following areas:
Gaining competitive edge – Insure optimal performance, reliability and data integrity with  SmartBI services that  advance Customer Experience, improve Operational Performance, and reduce Fraud.
Big Data – Whether you are migrating from SQL to NoSQL, from flat files to key-value store, or from XML to an object database, or every permutation of any data store to any other data store GRT’s big data migration planning and implementation services will help alleviate the pain.
Compliance and Security Assessment - A GRT Security Team will work with you to discover and classify information security threats that may lead to breaches in information security policy, or failure of existing safeguards in the corporate cyber security defense strategy.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Use GRT services to effectively identify, install and fine tune the appropriate DLP environment to securely handle the transmission of sensitive data – be it data at rest (in storage), in use (during an operation) or in transit (across a network).
Data Masking Implementation and Training - Rapidly deliver results with an intensive five-day program that includes an overview of data discovery, data masking, data subsetting and implementation (use case tailored to your environment). 
Specialized Information Management Staffing - Tap in to our large network of pre-qualified talent to meet your staffing needs in: Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Strategy, Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Security and Compliance.
For comprehensive business approaches to your Information Management needs please visit the GRT Solutions page.