Customer information is the lifeblood of every organization. Safe guarding this information is key to customer confidence, and in turn their willingness to do business. In addition financial regulatory compliance affects every Industry across a broad range of compliance and governance issues, including:

Data breaches or failure to meet regulatory requirements can cost millions in fines, lawsuits, brand damage and customer loss – not to mention a drop in share prices. No CIO, CFO or CSO wants to be associated with these sorts of losses.


Data Masking Best Practices Download
"Data Masking Best Practices"


GRT Corporation, provides expert IT Risk Management, Data Security, Privacy, Compliance and Data Masking consulting services to Government, Retail, Insurance and Financial Services companies throughout the United States. By focusing on IT, GRT is able to add value and have an immediate impact on overall cost of implementation.

  • Data masking to eliminate the need to use live data in application development.
  • Integrate compliance controls into your existing business processes.
  • Reduce you costs of compliance.
  • SOX impact on a company's adoption of new technology.

GRT has established strategic alliances with several specialized software companies enabling us to provide a single source solutions provider for our clients.


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