Content Management

Today, companies of all sizes are recognizing the need to manage and control their organization’s growing volume of information, both structured and unstructured (Content). While data typically resides in a database with a standardized format, Content resides in various places throughout the organization and has many formats. An abundance of business content is being created on desktops, in emails, with imaging and digital devices, in data repositories, and many other systems. Storage, management and distribution of all of this Content can be a daunting task, with businesses spending millions of dollars on monolithic Content Management systems to manage a single initiative, supporting one type of content, such as their Document Management system, websites, portals and the like.

GRT is a professional service provider helping Fortune 500 organizations to adopt a unified strategy around their enterprise content. We assist in design of systems that support all types of content, such as contracts, product pictures and information, brochures, presentation, rich media, web pages, manuals, and customer information -- all of which play an important role in the business process, comprising the intellectual capital of an enterprise.

We serve as a strategic advisor, delivering turnkey solutions for managing the workflow of Content and its distribution across the enterprise. As a result, the client organization can achieve a higher level of business responsiveness, flexibility and agility.