Web 2.0 Solutions

“Web 2.0” is more than a buzzword. It describes the latest technology and trends being used to build the next generation of rich web applications – and a shift toward even more sharing and collaboration between users. With the increasing momentum behind social networking sites, wikis, blogs and RSS feeds, Web 2.0 trends have become a part of every successful company.

GRT has successfully applied Web 2.0 technology to build social collaboration applications and Flash widgets for clients ranging from non-profit groups to Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging the power of technologies such as Ajax and Silverlight, along with open source JavaScript frameworks, we build dynamic web applications that look and feel as rich as traditional desktop applications.

To prompt sharing and collaboration between users, GRT takes a simple, straightforward approach. We combine GRT’s content management toolset with our extensive experience building enterprise solutions. As a result GRT delivers Enterprise SaaS Mash-Ups that are tailored, rich in experience and easy to maintain.